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I make most of my work on wood panels. I don’t paint on canvas partly because when the canvas is stretched super big, it becomes loose. No matter how hard you stretch it, large canvas warbles when you touch it with a paintbrush, which means you will occasionally touch the canvas to the back stretcher bars while painting and that makes an unintentional and often unavoidable mark, and I don’t like that shit. It bothers me. Since most of my work is 4 feet or larger, I prefer a more rigid surface, like ⅛” ply, mounted to stretcher bars. Or ¼-⅝” thick ply for cornhole boards. However, most of the work found on this site can be printed on metal, wood, paper, or stretch/rolled canvas…

Prints can be on:
  • Wood
  • canvas - stretched or rolled
  • Metal
  • Paper

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