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Nate Geare

Deconstructivist Barnisms

Deconstructivist Barnisms explores the architectural movement of Deconstructivism through the lens of the American rural landscape. Deconstructivism originated in the late 1950s and is characterized by non-rectilinear shapes that distort and dislocate architectural elements, resulting in buildings that exhibit unpredictable and controlled chaos.

In this series Nate Geare envisions what the future of barn building would look like if it followed the Deconstructivist movement. What if contemporary architects, known for their innovative building techniques in modern art museums worldwide, turned their focus towards barn construction in the international countryside?

Geare's latest paintings are inspired by some of the world's most incredible contemporary art museums, which themselves are works of art. Architects such as Frank Gehry, Zaha Hadid, Daniel Libeskind, Randal Stout, and Rem Koolhaas have brought their respective museums into the 21st century with gravity-defying bravado. These buildings have directly inspired this series of oil paintings that reimagine the future of barn architecture.


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