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Paintings & Collections
Each series of my work is made differently. What I mean is, although I’m drawn to painting and illustration primarily, I do not feel overly attached to any one medium or approach to art making. It comes down to what a project or series needs in order for the intended message to be most clearly and accurately conveyed… Having said that, most of the work found on this site is done on wood. Very few of my original pieces are painted on canvas. Some of my work is painted with brushes and knives, some involves spray paint and stencils, while other work, like the Natendo project, is sculptural and involves electrical and technical components. My goal in art is to make the coolest stuff I, personally, am capable of making. And with each project, to learn a new skill in the process. What will I do next?? Where will my art interests take me?.. And most importantly, who’s coming with me…?

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